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Bedroom Furniture

Furniture Traditions prides itself on making beautiful, yet functional, bedroom furniture. Whether this is your first bedroom suite or you are just upgrading your master bedroom furniture, our bedroom collections are the perfect choice.

The Bedroom Furniture Experts

For over 20 years, Furniture Traditions has been crafting bedroom furniture collections. As this is what we concentrate on, we plan to keep making our quality bedroom sets for a long time. For You, this means that you can get a complete bedroom set now, or collect one piece at a time.

At Furniture Traditions, we receive an amazing amount of "thank you" letters. Mostly, they thank us for doing what we think is just doing our job... making and servicing great bedroom furniture.

Our goal has always been to make outstanding quality furniture that lasts. Furniture that our customers will enjoy for many, many years to come. However, don't just take our word for it, take a few moments to read some of the testimonials from our happy customers.

In the furniture industry, we're known as innovators. We're constantly striving to improve our bedroom furniture sets. You'll see for yourself how unique our furniture is, when you acquire your Furniture Traditions' bedroom set.

Bedroom Furniture with Special Features

Our bedroom furniture sets have some amazing special features. Probably the most overlooked is our glides. As we think you'll be enjoying our bedroom furniture sets for many years, you'll need dependable, easy to open, drawer guides. Ours are Accuride glides, guaranteed to work for the life of your furniture. The more you use them, the better they work!

A staple of bedroom furniture sets is a 5 drawer chest. Our Jewelry Chest is a 5 drawer chest, with a large velvet-lined compartment, that can be completely hidden when you close the lid. With the top closed, no one can tell your valuables are inside. Some customers have written us that even though their home was burglarized, the crooks didn't find her valuables inside the Jewelry Chest.

Most bedroom furniture will include a dresser and mirror. The top drawer of our Master-piece Dresser has a locking, velvet-lined drawer for your smaller items, but what most ladies like is our Treasure Wing Mirror. Behind the center mirror, there's a hidden necklace & ring compartment. Besides concealing your valuables, now you won't have tangled necklaces & bracelets, as you would with a jewelry box.

One of those specialty pieces is our Treasures Chest. It's designed for bedrooms that have limited floor space, or have lots of windows that you don't want blocked with furniture. Our Treasure Chest is only 4.5" wider than the typical 5-drawer chest, but it holds more than double the storage! Don't forget to look for the secret, locking, pull-out drawer. It's perfect for concealing your treasures, important papers, or even your gun, away from prying eyes.

Extra Storage for the Bedroom

Our most popular item, that customers order for their bedroom furniture set, is the drawer pedestal or pedestal bed. All our pedestal beds have 6 drawers, that are 28" deep — more storage than our big dresser! Utilizing the nice Accuride glides, the drawers all the way out providing all that storage where you didn't have any storage before under the bed!

The Master-piece Armoire is the most versatile piece of furniture in the bedroom set. Because of its versatility, you can use it as a combination of Entertainment Chest, Linen Cabinet, and Wardrobe Closet. The Armoire has a storage capacity of tis 28 cubic feet. To put that in perspective, our large dresser holds 7.4 cubic feet of storage, which means the Armoire has almost 4 times more capacity than the dresser.

Pedestal bed for under bed storage

DIY Design Your Bedroom Set.

Designing your bedroom is made easy with our customized bedroom suites. Start by selecting one of our handcrafted bedroom sets that completely outfits a bedroom suite. Further customize your choice, by browsing through our range of individual pieces of various styles and size, to make further selections.

Bedroom Furniture Made in America.

When done properly, we believe furniture made in America is the best in the world. Discover for yourself how wonderfully an American made, handcrafted, bedroom furniture set can transform your bedroom suite.

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