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Master-piece Pier Group

With the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, the Master-piece Pier Group provides maximum storage space on minimum floor space. Dramatically open up your bedroom by going vertical with our Pier Group bedroom set. For even more storage, add under the bed storage with our Headboard Pedestal. For a lower height, see our Mid Wall bed set.

Master-piece Pier Group #605

King Bed 81"H x 126-1/2"W x 17-3/4"D
Queen Bed 81"H x 112-1/2"W x 17-3/4"D

20.3 cu. ft. of usable storage space

Features and Benefits

    In the cabinets, personal convenience abounds
    • Mirrors on each door to check your smile.
    • Cedar-lined cabinets to protect your belongings.
    • Adjustable shelves for convenient placement and access.
    • Two burgundy velvet-lined trays provide a convenient place to put your jewelry, watch and wallet.
    • Bedside pull-out tray with the "Moisture Guard" surface to protect from minor spills.
    In the headboard
    • Two secret compartments; one to keep your electrical wiring from phones, clocks and radios out of sight. The other for whatever you like.
    • Dual lights with individual dimmer switches, so that one person can read while the other sleeps.
    • Two USB ports.
    • Two personal cubbies
    No tools required
    • The Pier Group ships and delivers as five pieces. Easy to assemble by hand tightening 8 wing nuts in pre-drilled holes, for a "no-gap" appearance.
    • Optional Hand-Brushed Zinc Hardware can be ordered with the Medium Woodland Oak. When ordering the Dark Muscovado finish, it comes with the brushed zinc hardware.
      Optional Hardware
    • All drawers feature full extension, side mounted, ball-bearing guides
    • Northern Red Oak, the most abundant wood in America
    • Heirloom Warranty — hand down for generations to come
    • Furniture Made in America, it's easy to get parts if needed
    • In-Stock for Quick Delivery
    • Oak finish tones — Dark Muscovado and Medium Woodland Oak.
      Oak Finish Tones
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    Furniture Comments

    My wife and I owned a Furniture Traditions’ bedroom set long before I started to work for them. Today, I am proudly selling the same furniture that I have in my house and it is still the best American made bedroom furniture. We have been part of the Furniture Traditions’ family since 1994, the year we bought our first piece of furniture.

    Our first piece was the Pier Wall Bed. At the time, that's all that would fit in our small master bedroom. A few years later, when we moved to a bigger home, we added the 10-Drawer Dresser & Treasures Wing Mirror. They matched perfectly!

    In our current home, we added the Master-piece Armoire and the 12-Drawer Master-piece Chest. We thought, our master bedroom was complete and it's all American Furniture!

    However, in 2004, Furniture Traditions came out with the Master-piece Pedestal, and we just had to have it. But we were a little worried about whether the new piece would match our existing set. After all, it had been 10 years and 3 moves later. Yet once again, everything matched beautifully—as if there was any doubt.

    Our friends and family still can’t believe that our bedroom today is just as good…no, BETTER than the day we bought our first piece.

    Service & Sales at Furniture Traditions and satisfied customer

    Pier Wall Group - Demo Preview.

    For a lower height, see the Mid Wall Bed»

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    Master-piece Pier Group-4
    Master-piece Pier Group with Jewelry Chest, TV Console and Hutch
    Master-piece Pier Group-5
    Secret compartment revealing electrical and USB ports.
    Master-piece Pier Group-2
    Shown in the Muscovado custom dark finish.
    Master-piece Pier Group-3
    Master-piece Pier Group-1
    Shown with Muscovado custom finish, available only with the Premium Edition upgrade.
    Master-piece Pier Group-6
    Bedside pull-out trays with the "Moisture Guard" surface to protect from minor spills.
    Master-piece Pier Group-7
    Two personal cubbies.

    The Master-piece Pier Group — The Ultimate Pier Group, Pier Bed or Wall Bed

    At Furniture Traditions, our reputation is built on the satisfaction of our customers. If you've already read our Construction and Warranty sections, you know that we make a sturdy, quality product. Yet quality is nothing without beauty. It doesn't matter how well-built the bedroom furniture; if you don’t like the look, it's not coming home. Conversely, you may love the look of a classic sleigh bed but the number of pieces that you would have to use for storage may overpower your room. Where’s the middle ground?

    Our Pier Groups (also known as a wall beds) combine beauty with function, making it an ideal choice for today's modern bedrooms. There's a pleasing symmetry to the wall bed's rising towers, with the light bridge slightly lowered between them. Add raised panels, adjustable lighting, eyebrow doors & bevelled mirrors, and our wall beds are an elegant addition which will enhance any bedroom.

    The Master-piece Pier Group has many special features.

    When you open a tower's door, you'll have a big storage area with 2 adjustable shelves and a cedar-lined back. Besides having a cedar-lined bottom, the butler drawer has a removable jewelry tray. At the end of the day, it's the perfect place to store your watch, wallet, phone, bracelet, etc.

    Bedroom storage without giving up floor space.

    Many people think our wall beds will be too big for their room, when in fact the opposite is true. What makes a room look cramped is when it's cluttered with a bunch of smaller pieces. Instead, go vertical with a taller piece, which will typically hold as much storage as would normally have to fit in two or three pieces. It will dramatically open up your bedroom. The same is true with our Pier Group.

    Our Pier Group is narrower than a headboard and two nightstands, so it does NOT take up extra room in the bedroom. In fact, our wall beds will make your bedroom look bigger. That's because the space above a typical nightstand is normally wasted. With our Pier Group, you now have 20.6 cubic feet of storage space with a bookcase headboard that houses items that would normally clutter the top of two nightstands. That extra storage is like having THREE five drawer chests, without giving up any of your bedroom's floor space!

    Most customers who like our Pier Group, also get the Headboard Drawer Pedestal #611. Its 6 giant drawers, mounted on full extension ball-bearing glides, provide you with more storage than our 10-drawer dresser. That's a lot of storage, especially as that space under the mattress is usually just wasted space. The pedestal bed also saves you money since you don't need to buy a box spring.

    No matter what the size of your bedroom, our Master-piece Pier Group and matching drawer Pedestal Bed will be a wonderful choice for your home. See it today, at your local retailer. Contact us for the store closest to you.

    Choose Furniture Traditions. From bedroom furniture to living room furniture, Furniture Traditions makes only individually crafted pieces of exceptional quality that are made in America. Whether you choose bedroom sets or individual matching pieces such as sleigh beds, or bookcase headboards, you can rest assured that you are always getting quality that will last a lifetime — it’s our commitment to you!