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Newport Breeze® Bed

The American made, Newport Breeze oak panel bed is both majestic and functional. The 2 individual recessed lights, complete with dual dimmer switches, provide ample light for reading in bed. The very innovative feature is the gentle breeze fans, with personal direction & volume control. Available in King or Queen, the Newport Breeze solid wood panel bed is truly unique. It is available as a headboard only and with the storage drawer pedestal.

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Newport Breeze® Bed #100

E. King Bed 83"W x 74"H x 88"L
Cal. King Bed 83"W x 74"H x 90-1/4"L
Queen Bed 71-1/2"W x 74"H x 88"L

E. King Bed 82"W x 27-1/4"H
Cal. King Bed 78"W x 27-1/4"H
Queen Bed 65-3/4"W x 27-1/2"H

Features and Benefits

  • Individual reading lights with dual dimmer switches
  • dual fans in headboard2 Gentle breeze fans, built-in with personal volume & directional control
  • Use with a fragrant drop-in, to have your room scented with personal fragrance
  • Headboard comes with 2 secret compartments
  • For a remarkable consistency, the raised panels are hand sorted for both grain & color
  • "Floating" raised Oak panels
  • Available as a Headboard only #101
  • Cal King bed, Eastern King bed and Queen bed sizes
  • For storage under the bed, add the Pedestal Bed #900
  • Optional Hand-Brushed Zinc Hardware can be ordered with the Medium Woodland Oak. When ordering the Dark Muscovado finish, it comes with the brushed zinc hardware.
    Optional Hardware
  • All drawers feature full extension, side mounted, ball-bearing guides
  • Northern Red Oak, the most abundant wood in America
  • Heirloom Warranty — hand down for generations to come
  • Furniture Made in America, it's easy to get parts if needed
  • In-Stock for Quick Delivery
  • Oak finish tones — Dark Muscovado and Medium Woodland Oak.
    Oak Finish Tones
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Newport Breeze® Bed-1
Shown with the Pedestal Bed #900.

Newport Breeze® Bed-2

Newport Breeze® Bed-3
Dual breeze fans and reading lights are built in the headboard.
Newport Breeze® Bed-4
The panel bed is also available as a headboard only.


Furniture comment from the owner

When my partner and I started this company, our goal was to build beautiful furniture of enduring quality, which had great value. If our furniture didn't look amazing enough for us to love it in our own bedrooms, we didn't want to make it. If we had to build it so cheap that it had to be replaced in a few years, we didn't want to make it. Basically, we wanted to deliver gorgeous furniture that had long lasting value. That's why we're so proud of our Newport Breeze panel beds.

You'll notice that our panel bed is probably more expensive than other style panel beds. That's because our solid wood, Newport Breeze panel bed is like no other in the world. It is available in both Queen size & King size, or as a panel headboard only.

If crafted well, panel beds can highlight the rich grain patterns of natural wood like no other bed... especially if you use raised panels, like our oak Newport Breeze panel bed. Its raised, solid oak panels are color and grain sorted, to provide a pleasing continuity to the complete bed. While it costs more, our raised panels are "floating" to allow minor movement, which helps to reduce cracking and splitting, so your solid wood panel bed will remain beautiful longer.

One of our best loved features is our reading lights. Happy customers are always telling us how much they use them. I use them every day, as I like to read a little bit, before falling asleep. Our oak Newport Breeze panel bed has 2 adjustable recessed lights, each with its own dimmer switch.

What makes our Newport Breeze panel beds truly unique are the dual, gentle breeze fans. Each fan has directional control and volume adjustment. No longer do you have to fight with your partner about how fast the ceiling fan should turn. With our Newport Breeze panel bed, you each can decide your own comfort levels.

Special touches include a receptacle for a fragrant drop in. Now, you can add the fragrance of your choice, to further personalize your bedroom. Also built in to the panel bed is what seems to have become our signature: secret compartments. On top of either the King or Queen panel headboards, at both sides, is a recessed storage compartment. Simply lift off either top, to access. Inside, the space is perfect to store your personal items, magazines, papers, DVD's, CD's, etc., without anyone realizing they are there.

The Newport Breeze panel bed is designed to accommodate the drawer pedestal. Tucked under your box-spring, the drawer pedestal gives you more storage than our 10-drawer dresser, without using any of your bedroom's space.

Yet quite frankly, I would not buy our solid wood panel bed just because of the unique & special features. I like furniture that is beautiful to be around; furniture that makes my home a statement. The Newport Breeze makes my room a special place. I have it, because every day I look at my room and love how it looks with this stunningly beautiful bed. Beyond that, it gives me a great feeling to know just how well it's made.

Check out our Heirloom Warranty. It comes with every piece that we create. That's because we build our furniture to last a lifetime. When you're comparing furniture, look at the warranties. A warranty is a reflection on how good a manufacturer thinks their products are. Does their furniture even have a warranty? Did they put their contact information on it? Provide a phone number to call? Or are their warranties just a lot of confusing, fine print?

Then look where it was manufactured. Furniture Traditions is proudly made in America. When you look at the back of our Furniture, you will NOT see "made in China", "made in Indonesia", "made in Vietnam", etc. We do not try to fool you by putting American names, on cheap import knock-offs.

The Newport Breeze solid oak panel bed: truly innovative, stunningly beautiful, and extremely well made. It will look amazing not just in the store, but also in your home.