Feature and Benefits

(Looking for the Secret Compartments?)



We've been making the same furniture for more than a decade and we plan to make it through the next millennium. Producing the same product for so long has made us very good at making it. In the future, your customer can always come back and order a matching piece.

"Bench Made" furniture. An individual craftsman works on each piece. With his signature on every piece he makes, he takes pride in making something extraordinary.

All furniture is inventoried at our warehouse. Quick delivery from our warehouse to you.

Door, drawers and face frames are solid Northern Red Oak. This assures you of oak with gorgeous color, no mineral streaks and a beautifully consistent, tight grain pattern.

The front face frame and sides are counter bored and screwed together. Unbelievable, "no-flex" construction!

Durable, 3/4" Oak plywood veneer sides. These have a higher structural integrity than solid oak on long lengths. Over time, plywood won't warp, crack or split.

3/8" plywood furniture backing. Four solid sides create an indescribably strong "no-flex" construction.

Never-Warp Top: Thick oak veneer & 2" of solid oak all around the top. Our top material costs 15% more than a solid oak top and is guaranteed not to warp, crack or split.

Super Glide System
  • Custom steel ball bearing guides
  • 9-ply Baltic Birch drawer sides & bottoms
  • High density plastic edge banding
It creates the smoothest operating drawer with the least maintenance that you can find.

Pre-mounted durable hardware. You never end up with a missing piece of hardware or hardware that's been mounted crooked. You won't get annoyed spending hours trying to mount it yourself.

Aromatic cedar in drawers and cabinets.

Helps protect woolens or delicate linens, while imparting a wonderful fresh smell.

Master-piece products come with levelers. If the floors are uneven, it's a snap to adjust the casegoods to level positioning.

Pier Group, Jewelry Chest, and Seven Drawer Dresser have removable velvet-lined jewelry trays. Arrange your jewelry compartments to suit your style and the trays can be moved in and out.

The Pier Group and the Master-piece Nightstand have a pullout tray feature, with a durable "Moisture Guard" surface. "Moisture Guard" surface is resistant to water damage and asteroid impact.

Pier Group has individual dimmer light switches. One can read while the other sleeps.

Pier Group has two secret compartments. One compartment hides phone and electrical cords out-of-sight, while the other is for whatever you wish.

Treasures Wing Mirror and Jewelry Chest have hidden jewelry compartments. (Find the Secret Compartments.)

Mirror with jewelry hidden compartment
Easy access to your precious jewelry, where it won't be discovered by your basic jewel thief.

The Master-piece Armoire ships with 3-way flexibility. The customer has three use options:
  • a wardrobe
  • a linen cabinet
  • an entertainment center holding some 36"TVs.

The Master-piece Armoire comes with an extra large, full-extension, velvet-lined, locking jewelry drawer. A secure place to consolidate all your jewelry into one convenient location. Have your customer open the drawer themselves.

The Master-piece Armoire features a cable/satellite TV & electrical outlet. Easy to connect your video system.

Made in America Easy to get parts if needed

Heirloom (lifetime) Warranty Hand down for generations

In-Stock Quick delivery