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Muscovado Dark Oak

When choosing Muscovado Dark Oak finsh, the furniture comes with the Hand-brushed Zinc Hardware.

Hand-brushed Zinc Hardware

Drawers come with our premium, hand-brushed zinc hardware that complements the dark finish beautifully.

Muscovado Finish

Muscovado is our new beautiful, custom finish, very rich and complex, with a pleasing blend of darker tones.

Furniture Made in America

Our furniture is proudly made in America. Always has and always will.

Pier Mid Wall Bed
The Master-piece Mid Wall shown in the Muscovado oak finish.
Pier Bed
The Master-piece Pier Group shown in the Muscovado oak finish.
Muscovado Oak Finish
The Muscovado custom finish comes with the hand-brushed zink hardware.

Essential Dresser with Treasures Wing Mirror
The Master-piece Dresser shown in Muscovado Dark Oak.

Handpainted Hardware
Slide Package
Full extension, side mounted, ball-bearing guides.