Coffee Tables

Your living room. It is most often the first room in your home that visitors will see. Your living room will often be seen as a reflection of your taste and values. Yet at the same time, the living room is where you and your family will spend the majority of your time together at home. So on the one hand, you want a living room that will make you proud and your visitors welcome, while also having a room where you and your family can be comfortable in. Is it any wonder that people want to put their most beautiful, functional and dependable furniture into the living room?

The timeless beauty of oak or alder hardwoods is a wonderful choice for your living room. All of the pieces in our American Living Collection are available in either of these woods. They are both American hardwoods, known for strength and durability, while having very pleasing grain patterns.

Coffee tables as the focal point of the living room

The centerpiece to every living room is the coffee table. Sofas are structured around it, area rugs are laid beneath it, and conversation will surround it. The perfect coffee table should not only complement your living room, it should also be functional and durable. That is why it pays to invest wisely in this most important of pieces.

Stunningly beautiful and practical, our wood coffee tables and glass display coffee tables will be admired by all. As the coffee table is usually the focal point of most living rooms,

Glass display coffee tables

What better place to display some of your favorite keepsakes than glass display coffee tables. Our glass display coffee tables not only show off your family's treasures, but safeguard them as well with tempered (safety) 1" bevelled glass. The pull-out display drawer is velvet lined to enhance the look of your valuables. Under the large display drawer is a large storage drawer. It’s great for keeping your wireless keyboard, game controllers, books, etc., out of the way until they’re needed.

Solid wood tables with more features

If you prefer a solid wood top instead of glass, our traditional wood coffee table sets are perfect for you. Our hardwood coffee table sets are available in oak or alder hardwoods. Hidden under the top, our wood coffee tables have laminated pull-out trays. These trays are perfect for working on the computer or eating in front of the television. Under the trays are one or two storage drawers for your wireless keyboard and mouse, TV remotes, etc.

You get to decide how you want your living room to feel

The feel of your room can be significantly affected by color. It’s amazing how the stain on wood furniture can change the mood of any room. In our American Living Collection, you can choose between light oak coffee tables, medium oak coffee tables, or dark alder coffee tables.

Matching pieces offer more choices

No coffee table set is complete without some matching pieces. Our display end tables and sofa tables will beautifully coordinate with your coffee table because they are designed to be part of a complete living room set.

Our American Living Collection offers you an array of furniture choices for the design of your dream living room. As you browse through our living room furniture web-site, you’ll notice that we also build an assortment of pieces for your television and entertainment components. All of our occasional pieces and TV consoles match, giving you a beautifully coordinated look that can only enhance your home, from the living room to the master bedroom.

The "Power Tap" is a Furniture Traditions' exclusive

Our end tables come with our patent pending “Power Tap”. Built in to the side of our end tables, the “Power Tap” provides you with 2 electrical outlets. With our end tables, you will no longer have to move your sofas around, to find an available outlet. The “Power Tap” also has a dimmer switch, which is great for adjusting the lighting in your room.

No assembly required

Your Furniture Traditions' coffee table ships to you fully assembled. There's no drilling, assembling, or looking for missing parts. When you take our display table home, it will arrive looking exactly like the picture in our catalog.

An American Heirloom that will last for generations

All our furniture, including your oak or alder coffee table, will be backed with our Heirloom Warranty, ensuring that you will have a coffee table made to last for generations.