The Flat Screen TV Armoire

A Flat Screen TV Armoire. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well not anymore! At Furniture Traditions we have taken the beauty of a classic armoire and made it functional to meet today’s electronic needs. This is truly where form meets function and they fell in love.

Traditional Armoire with Modern Functionality

The traditional armoire was a gorgeous piece of furniture whose primary function was storage. Through the years as there were advances in electronics and seemingly everyone put a TV in their bedroom the classic armoire evolved. Now the armoire had two main functions, storage and a hidden home for your TV set in your bedroom or guest room and all was right in the world.

But as everyone knows evolution never stops. As technology advanced the “new” version of the armoire that everyone loved, soon it became outdated yet again. With the majority of the Furniture Industry saying “the armoire is dead” an innovation came from the most unlikely of places, Furniture Traditions. As you all know our company has been known for more than two decades to consistently make just one quality set where people can build their “ideal” bedroom even if it is one piece at a time. Not something different every time the “experts” say it’s time for something new. We said the armoire isn’t dead, not at all; it’s just time to evolve once again. We incorporated the new locking swing arm with our patented design to create the flat screen TV armoire and made it functional for today’s electronics needs.

Our new Flat Screen TV Armoire is exactly that, an armoire that accommodates a Flat Screen TV. But it doesn’t stop there, when you open the locking swing arm you have a world of usable storage space. There are three separate columns all with adjustable shelves. If it stopped there you would say I love it, but that is just the beginning. The center column not only has an adjustable shelf but it also has a locking drawer and a fingerprint safe, can you say James Bond? The right and left columns have two adjustable shelves each, yes now that is a total of five shelves throughout the unit and that is just the beginning.

Hidden Compartments

Do you have something that you want to keep out of sight? Something you don’t want the casual observer to find? Well all you need to do is remove the shelves on the right and/or left and the bottom has a hidden compartment with storage all the way from the left to the right. Something even a little more secret? Well just reach in and there is yet another secret compartment at the bottom completely out of sight. Your secrets are safe with us. Don’t need secret storage? Are you a hunter? Well with the false bottoms out you have just converted your Flat Screen TV Armoire into a gun cabinet. Yes now you can store up to six rifles or shotguns behind your TV all securely locked behind our patented Locking Swing Arm.

With evolution comes inspiration and we at Furniture Traditions have truly turned a beautiful piece of furniture into a functional masterpiece.

Warning: This gun cabinet is not a gun safe. They have been designed for the display of guns — NOT to secure them. Never store loaded weapons in your Flat Screen TV Armoire. Please follow all local, state and federal sun safety rules, practices and laws at all times. We recommend anyone with small children to use a gun safe instead of a gun cabinet.

Armoire Jewelry Drawer

Our Armoire also features a richly appointed locking burgundy velvet lined jewelry drawer for your personal treasures. The other locking drawer protects your CD’s, Tapes, DVD’s and/or game cartridges.

Ample Storage Space

There are 2 extra large full-extension, cedar lined drawers at the bottom of the Armoire providing ample storage space in your bedroom.

The storage capacity of the Armoire is 23.2 cubic feet. To put that in perspective, our large dresser holds 7.4 cubic feet of storage, which means the Flat Screen TV Armoire has over 3 times more capacity than the dresser.

Flat-back Doors

The outside doors, on the top of the Armoire, have raised eyebrow doors, which blend with the rest of the bedroom suite. The flat-back doors, with articulated double hinges, feature doors that swing out of the way when you want them to, and lock securely with a Victorian lock when not in use.

The Armoire comes in 2 pieces

The Armoire comes in 2 pieces making it easy to get upstairs or into rooms with tight fitting areas. Four connectors with metal shims hold the 2 units together.

Furniture Today article:

furnituretoday article

"An Armoire James Bond Would Approve"

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Features and Benefits



Fingerprint safe.
Flat screen TV in armoire.
Traditional style outside, modern functionality inside.
Flat Screen TV Armoire-2
Featuring a generous, locking jewelry drawer. Lined with a rich burgundy velvet, it has padded ring holders and divided compartments for easy organization of your treasures.
3-way touch activated light
3-way, touch activated light.
full extension cedar-lined drawers
Two giant, full extension, cedar-lined drawers.
Premium Edition Upgrade
Optional Premium Edition upgrade includes the Muscovado custom dark finish, drawers with hand-brushed hardware, and Premium Slide Package featuring full extension, side mounted, ball-bearing guides