The Versatile Armoire

The Master-piece Armoire is the most versatile piece of furniture in Furniture Traditions' bedroom suites. Our Armoire provides you with many different options. Because of its versatility, you can use it as a combination of Entertainment Chest, Linen Cabinet, and Wardrobe Closet. For your personal treasures, our Armoire features a generous, locking jewelry drawer.

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The Armoire as an Entertainment Chest

As an entertainment chest, our oak TV Armoire can hold up to a 42” television and its components (DVD, Blue Ray, and cable or dish box). It’s wired with a built-in power port that has two electrical outlets, coaxial cable connection, and phone jack for web TV or Dish. One of the two locking drawers is for protecting your CD’s, Tapes, DVD’s and/or game cartridges.

The Armoire as a Wardrobe Chest

If you use our Armoire as a wardrobe closet, there's a clothes rod for hanging your shirts, pants and jackets. The Armoire also features a pull-out scarf, tie, or belt rack. There's room to store your folded clothes, with the use of a shelf on the top part. And a mirror on the door to check your smile.

The Armoire as an Linen Cabinet

With the benefits of aromatic cedar backing, our Armoire easily transforms into a linen cabinet. The adjustable shelfs and removable TV swivel, allow a combination of storage options. Extra shelves can be ordered for a nominal fee providing even more storage variations. The two bottom drawers are cedar lined as well.

Armoire Jewelry Drawer

Our Armoire also features a richly appointed locking burgundy velvet lined jewelry drawer for your personal treasures. The other locking drawer protects your CD’s, Tapes, DVD’s and/or game cartridges.

Armoire Storage Capacity

There are 2 extra large full-extension, cedar lined drawers at the bottom of the Armoire providing ample storage space in your bedroom.

The storage capacity of the Armoire is 28 cubic feet. To put that in perspective, our large dresser holds 7.4 cubic feet of storage, which means the Armoire has almost 4 times more capacity than the dresser.

Flat-back Doors

The outside doors, on the top of the Armoire, have raised eyebrow doors, which blend with the rest of the bedroom suite. The flat-back doors, with articulated double hinges, feature doors that swing out of the way when you want them to, and lock securely with a Victorian lock when not in use.

But wait, there's more...

The Armoire comes in 2 pieces making it easy to get upstairs or into rooms with tight fitting areas. Four connectors with metal shims hold the 2 units together.

As with all our furniture, our Armoires come with our famous Heirloom (Lifetime) Warranty and is Made in America. All in all, the Master-Piece Armoire is one piece of bedroom furniture you should not be without.

NEW — Flat Screen TV Armoire »

The Master-piece Armoire is like getting 3 armoires in one:

Wardrobe Closet, Linen Closet and Entertainment Chest.

Master-piece Armoire-3
Featuring a generous, locking jewelry drawer. Lined with a rich burgundy velvet, it has padded ring holders and divided compartments for easy organization of your treasures.

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