The Flat Screen TV Armoire Gun Cabinet

As everyone knows, storage space in the bedroom can be a precious commodity. It seems like we always have more stuff than we do places to put it all. That’s especially true, when we want to store things in the bedroom that aren’t clothes.

Here at Furniture Traditions, we understand. That’s why we have such an extensive selection of both innovative & time tested pieces, allowing you to create the bedroom of your dreams. Perhaps the piece that best characterizes that blend of traditional style with today’s creativity is our Flat Screen TV Armoire #2425.

Traditional style outside, modern features inside

From the outside, it has the elegant look of quality armoires from ages past. However, as the old saying goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. To start, the beautiful raised panel doors are mounted with articulated hinges. This allows the doors to swing all the way open, getting them out of your way, when you want them to. Behind these raised panel doors, will be your flat screen TV & components, at the perfect height for when you’re watching in bed. Your TV will be mounted on our patent-pending, locking TV swing arm. Adjustable to open left or right, your valuables can be securely hidden behind it.

Safely secure and hide your valuables

Now you’ll have a place to safely secure those rare “first edition” books, your upper end liqueurs, those embarrassing home movies, or those expensive Jimmy Choo shoes. Maybe you just need a place to keep things out of reach of your children. However you decide to use it, our flat screen TV armoire is the perfect choice to hide your valuables. Secure in your bedroom, it looks like a traditional armoire, while unbeknownst to others, your treasures will be discreetly stored inside.

An Armoire that doubles as a hidden gun cabinet

The need for discreet storage especially true when it comes to firearms. You don’t want kids or thieves using your pieces. So, two of the armoire’s inner compartments can be converted for use as a bedroom gun cabinet. While our armoire is not a “gun safe”, as a gun cabinet, it can securely hold up to 6 rifles, in the privacy of your own bedroom. Unlike other gun cabinets, the outer wood panel doors lock, the patent-pending swing arm locks, and there’s a locking cable to go through the trigger guards.

Warning: This gun cabinet is not a gun safe. They have been designed for the display of guns — NOT to secure them. Never store loaded weapons in your Flat Screen TV Armoire. Please follow all local, state and federal sun safety rules, practices and laws at all times. We recommend anyone with small children to use a gun safe instead of a gun cabinet.

Convenient location in an emergency

Our thinking is that when there’s an emergency, you won’t have time to remember where you put things. On the other hand, you don’t want to leave those items sitting around. For example, you don’t want to leave your medical/insurance papers scattered everywhere for anyone to see . . . but if there’s an emergency, you’ll be glad you have them safely secured in the armoire.

We also worried about what might happen if crooks broke in to your home. You don’t want your weapons in a living room gun cabinet, where burglars could steal them or use them against you. They also won’t do you much good in your basement gun safe. What you need is our bedroom gun cabinet, to easily access your hidden armament, in case of a night time emergency. Securely stored behind your TV, no one will suspect your armoire is really a gun cabinet.

Fast access to the safe using a fingerprint

With emergencies and safety in mind, we’ve installed a fingerprint activated safe, instead of the traditional key or combination lock safe. In an emergency, the last thing you want to do is try to remember a combination. You want in NOW!! With ours, simply place your finger on the viewer, for instant access.

Versatility & Functionality with Style

The #2425 flat screen TV armoire is the perfect addition to the bedroom, the living room, or any room. It’s versatile for many different storage needs, and can even be used as a bedroom gun cabinet. It has over 23 cubic feet of storage, but is less than 4’ wide. Just pull open one of the 2 bottom, giant, full extension drawers, to see what we mean.

Heirloom Warranty

From living room furniture to bedroom furniture, Furniture Traditions only makes individually crafted pieces of exceptional quality that are made in America. Whether you choose bedroom sets or individual pieces such as a TV console, bookcase headboards, or sleigh bed, you can rest assure you are getting quality that will last a lifetime — it’s our commitment to you!

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Features and Benefits



Flat Screen TV Armoire-3
Converts to gun cabinet for 6 rifles, 2 compartments (left side compartment shown). Gun cabinet hidden behind locking doors and a locking TV swing arm.
Thumb print safe
Fingerprint safe and hidden compartments behind locking doors and a locking TV swing arm.
Flat screen TV in armoire.
Traditional style outside, modern functionality inside. Available in oak and alder hardwoods.
Flat Screen TV Armoire-2
Featuring a generous, locking jewelry drawer. Lined with a rich burgundy velvet, it has padded ring holders and divided compartments for easy organization of your treasures.
3-way touch activated light
3-way, touch activated light.
full extension cedar-lined drawers
Two giant, full extension, cedar-lined drawers.