The quintessential source of reflection, mirrors should not only reflect what they see but how are they are meant to be seen. The addition of a beautiful mirror can completely transform any bedroom set and allow any piece, from a sleigh bed to a dresser, to come to life.


Transformative power.

Mirrors have as much power to transform a space as any other piece of bedroom furniture. Whether you are going for a more traditional look with a sleigh bed or something far more contemporary with a bookcase headboard, mirrors can set the tone in the space and help to complement whatever other bedroom furniture that you choose. Furniture Traditions offers a variety of mirror designs to help you realize your vision.

Complement your pieces.

The mirrors found here at Furniture Traditions are meant to pair with a variety of our chests and dressers. Choose the style that works for you! No matter what the style you can always rest assured of its superior quality.

Which Mirror is right for you?

The Beveled Wall Mirror is the perfect size to complement our 3-Drawer Chest.

The Treasures Wing Mirror features a 1" bevel on all panels and a hidden velvet-lined jewelry box behind the center mirror. A perfect match for the Master-piece Dresser.

Sometimes you need a large mirror to make a small space fell larger. The American Heritage Landscape Mirror is a large wall mirror with styling that espeically goes well with the Master-piece Pier Group and Mid Wall.

The Landscape Mirror is a wall mirror and a prefect complement to the Essential Dresser or over our Display Sofa Table.

Choose Furniture Traditions

From bedroom furniture to living room furniture, Furniture Traditions makes only individually crafted pieces of exceptional quality that are made in America. Whether you choose bedroom sets or individual marching pieces such as mirrors, sleigh beds, or bookcase headboards, you can rest assured that you are always getting quality that will last a lifetime — it’s our commitment to you!