Why Oak?

For centuries, the Oak tree has been much appreciated by man. Because of its many unique properties, it has been prized throughout the ages. The ancients named the oak “Quercus”, which translated from Latin means “a fine tree”. Since olden times, the word Oak has been synonymous with strength & durability. Legend has it that Thor’s Hammer was made from the mighty oak.

Our forefathers knew to make it out of Oak

During America’s industrial transformation, the Oak tree played a key role. Due to its inherent strength, wheels, plows, looms, railroad ties, etc. were crafted from this amazing hardwood. It was even used as barrels to store alcohol, as this wood is impervious to its effects. Because of its high tannin content, Oak is resistant to most insect & fungal attacks. If they wanted something to last, our forefathers knew to make it out of Oak. Indeed, out of 50, 7 have their state tree as the Oak. Even our US national tree is the Oak. In our military, oak leaves are used to designate rank.

The Oak tree can grow to 100’ in height and 30’ in circumference. In forests, where the trees are packed close together, the Oak will grow very straight & tall, in order to get its crown of leaves exposed to sunlight. This long straight length makes the Oak ideal for milling. THE OAKS ENDURING STURDINESS INSTILLS LONGEVITY TO ANY PIECE CRAFTED FROM IT. Even in yesteryear, men knew this. To this day, the Oak beams of Westminster Abbey still stand, for all to see.

Oak for beauty, strength, durability and consistent color

Another prized quality of Oak is the beauty and texture of its grain. When cut, shaped, planed, and sanded, Oak has a beauty all its own. There is a pleasing symmetry to its grain pattern, and the feel of its texture. Again, this has been known for ages. A trip to the debating chamber of the British House of Commons will show its walls paneled in Oak.

Strength, beauty, and long straight lengths make Oak the ideal choice for woodworking. It’s especially prized for furniture, as it can be stained to a good finish, in a wide variety of tones. Viewing a piece of Oak, which has been nicely crafted into furniture, it’s easy to see the beauty of the grain, the remarkable texture, and the richness of the coloring after polishing.

Maybe even more prized than the beauty of an Oak piece, is its durability. Long after we’ve gone, a well-crafted piece of oak furniture that has been properly cared for will still be around. All one needs is to visit a museum or antique store, to see that it’s true.

Oak is the most abundant species in our hardwood forests

The Oak tree has been good for the United States. It’s played a key role in the country’s development. Even today, the mighty Oak continues to play an important part in our lives. Widespread throughout the Eastern United States, the Oaks are the most abundant species in our hardwood forests. Oaks compromise over 36% of the US hardwoods that are commercially available.

Heirloom furniture deserves only the best Oak

Here at Furniture Traditions, all of our Oak comes from the managed forests of Kane Hardwoods, in Pennsylvania. They’ve been around for a long time. Their professionalism ensures responsible use of this valuable, replenishable, and natural resource.

For us, getting our Oak from the same forest helps eliminate “mineral streaks”. As they grow in the same forest, the trees will tend to have a more uniform coloring & matching grain pattern. When you buy a set of our furniture, see how nicely all the pieces blend together. There’s a pleasing similarity to how all our pieces mix & match so well.

Most furniture manufacturers try to save profits by getting their wood from whoever sells it the cheapest. While this practice cuts a little cost, the downside is that their wood comes from many different places. As each of those diverse places have different soils, moisture levels & mineral contents, the wood grown in these various climes will have different colors. That’s why “cheaper” manufacturers will have so many “mineral streaks”, in their wood furniture.

Discover Furniture Traditions And see for yourself what makes us so different from other manufacturers. We’re sure you’ll see why we love our Oak, and how it makes our furniture so uniquely beautiful and durable. All of our Oak furniture, living room and bedroom furniture, comes with our Heirloom Warranty. We proudly include our phone number and contact information, with every piece we make. We look forward to including you in the Furniture Traditions’ family of happy customers, who have made our oak furniture their own.


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