Furniture Traditions' Videos

Demostration Preview Videos by Furniture Traditions

The video above is a playlist of all product preview demonstrations by Tim Price showing special features of Furniture Tradtions' bedroom furniture. Individual video product demostartions are below.
Pier Wall Group - Demo Preview
Mid Wall - Demo Preview
Safe Chest - Demo Preview

TV Armoire - Demo Preview
Essential Dresser - Demo Preview
3-Drawer Chest & Mirror - Demo Preview

Panel Bed - Demo Preview
Entertainment Console - Demo Preview
(Shown in Alder)
TV Console with Hutch - Demo Preview
(Shown in Alder)

Spindle Bed - Demo Preview
Simple Bookcase Headboard - Demo Preview (Shown in Alder)
10-Drawer Dresser & Treasures Wing Mirror - Demo Preview

5-Drawer Chest & Jewelry Chest - Demo Preview
Master-Piece Chest - Demo Preview
Alder Hill Collection - Demo Preview
Sleigh Bed - Demo Preview
Nightstand - Demo Preview
Drawer Pedestals - Demo Preview
3-Drawer Nightstand Right - Demo Preview
Wall Mirror - Demo Preview
Lingerie Chest - Demo Preview
American 4-Poster Bed - Demo Preview
Hope Chest - Demo Preview
Are Mirrors interchangeable for the Dresser #2000?
Are Mirrors interchangeable for the Dresser #2035?

Factory Tour Series by Furniture Traditions

The video above is a playlist of all factory tour videos by Steve Ardis. Individual videos are below.
Assembling Perfectly Square drawers
Case Assembly, Solid "No Flex" Construction
Dedicated to American Made
American Bench-made

Assembly Instructions by Furniture Traditions

The video above is a playlist of all assembly instructions by Steve Ardis. Individual video product demostartions are below.
Mid Wall #675 - Assembly Instructions
Pier Group #605 - Assembly Instructions
Treasures Wing Mirror #3500 - Assembly Instructions

4-Drawer Pedestal #635 - Assembly Instructions
Headboards #461 #151 4-Drawer Pedestal - Assembly Instructions
6-Drawer Headboard Pedestal #611 - Assembly Instructions

6-Drawer Pedestal #611 - Assembly Instructions
Spindle Bed #460 #150 - Assembly Instructions
Sleigh Bed #700 Complete - Assembly Instructions
Flat Screen TV Armoire #2425 - Assembly Instructions

Bedroom Furniture with Secret Compartments

The video above includes most hidden compartment.
Mid Wall Headboard with Secret Compartments
Treasure Chest with secret locking drawer!
Flat Screen TV Armoire converts locked hidden area to gun cabinet.

Jewelry Chest with Hidden Jewelry Compartment
Treasures Wing Mirror with Hidden Jewelry Compartment!
Bedroom furniture with hidden spaces.