Replacement Parts

Antique Brass Colored Pull Handles, Knobs, Pendants

Our online store is currently down for maintentence and a new store is coming soon. Please call Furniture Traditions at 714-538-2088 for help ordering parts.

Want to up-grade your existing hardware?

If you already have our oak furniture and you like the Dark Hand-brushed Zinc hardware, simply call us to discuss your options at 714-538-2088.

What do you do if there’s an accident and a piece of furniture gets damaged?

Call Furniture Traditions at 714-538-2088

Most manufacturers will say you’re on your own. That it’s up to you to repair it or throw it away. With Furniture Traditions, we don’t want you to repair it, we want you to make it like brand new again.

One of the great characteristics of our bedroom furniture is that it is assembled with counter-sunk screws, not nails & glue. Not only does this make for a much stronger piece of furniture, it makes for easy parts replacement. It’s a simple matter of a few screws to replace a top, a glide, a drawer, a skirt molding, a handle, etc. If you ever have questions or problems, please call us!

We’re happy to help you get a replacement part at a reasonable cost + shipping. It’s a lot better than having to replace the whole piece of furniture! That’s why people get our furniture . . . because they can have it for a lifetime.

Watermarks, heat rings, faded or cracked finish?

If your customers are experiencing finish problems (watermarks, heat rings, faded or cracked finish), before going through the hassle of replacing a part, you might want to try a wood finish restorer. They don’t cost very much & they’re available at most hardware stores. Two that we found on-line are and