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This Versatile Bedroom Chest is a Safe Chest

by admin on 2013-08-13

Safe Chest in the bedroom

The biggest attraction to Furniture Tradition’s aptly named Safe Chest is the fingerprint activated safe. In the case of nighttime emergency, having the safe in the bedroom makes sense. People love that they don’t have to remember a combination to open it. No fumbling around in the dark trying to push buttons or remember combinations in an emergency. Your weapons and valuables are secured and family members are protected from accidents. With 2 electrical outlets & a coaxial cable mounted at the back of the chest, this versatile chest can be used to hold up to a 37″ TV. Also featured are 2 concealed pull-out rods for hanging clothes. More photos and more about the Safe Chest

Safe Chest detail

The versatile Safe Chest

The versatile Safe Chest by Furniture Traditions.

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adminThis Versatile Bedroom Chest is a Safe Chest