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Coffee Tables as the Focal Point of the Living Room

by admin on 2010-07-10

Coffee TablesThe centerpiece to every living room is the coffee table. Sofas are structured around it, area rugs are laid beneath it, and conversation will surround it. The perfect coffee table should not only complement your living room, it should also be functional and durable. If you prefer a solid wood top instead of glass, our traditional wood coffee table sets are available in oak or alder hardwoods. Hidden under the top, are laminated pull-out trays. These trays are perfect for working on the computer or eating in front of the television. Under the trays are one or two storage drawers to keep your wireless keyboard and mouse, TV remotes, etc., out of the way until they’re needed. See more photos of glass and wood coffee tables.

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adminCoffee Tables as the Focal Point of the Living Room