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Can I use my adjustable bed with a drawer pedestal?

by admin on 2016-01-29
Pedestal drawer bed for adjustable bed base

A pedestal drawer bed that works with any adjustable bed base. Shown in alder hardwood.

Furniture Traditions gets asked this all the time. “Can I use my adjustable bed with a drawer pedestal?” The answer is YES! You don’t have to give up your adjustable bed to add storage underneath your bed with a drawer pedestal bed. The Adjustable Bed Drawer Pedestal #635 by Furniture Traditions will provide 13.4 cu. ft. of usable underbed storage without giving up any of your bedroom’s floor space. That’s more storage capacity than a full size dresser.

full extension pedestal drawer

Four full extension pedestal drawers. Shown in dark oak.

Furniture Traditions made the first, and still the best available drawer pedestal for adjustable base beds. The Adjustable Bed Drawer Pedestal #635 has a sleek design and 4 huge full-extension drawers with custom steel ball bearing guides for smooth motion. The generous size drawers will keep your linens, pillows, sweaters and clothing organized under your bed.

Although Adjustable Bed Drawer Pedestal will work with any adjustable bed base, it was designed to work with Ergomotion, Leggett & Platt and Tempur-pedic, adjustable beds. It also works with a conventional mattress, low profile foundation, or as a stand alone platform bed without the box spring.

Adjustable Bed Drawer Pedestal

The 4-Drawer Pedestal for Adjustable Bed Bases will go with all headboards made by Furniture Traditions.

Besides using the Adjustable Bed Drawer Pedestal as a stand alone platform, the pedestal bed goes with any of Furniture Traditions’ various headboards. The Master-piece Headboard or the Simple Headboard are bookcase headboards with a sloped back, perfect to lean back against with a pillow for reading in bed or watching TV. Dramatically maximize the storage in your bedroom with the popular Pier Group and lower height Mid Wall. Both feature bedside pull-out trays, dual lights, USB ports, hidden compartments, and more.

As furniture manufacturers and suppliers to the furniture industry, Furniture Traditions believes, when properly done, furniture made in America is the best in the world! Made in America also means it’s easy to get parts if needed. They use quality northern red oak and red alder hardwoods from managed forests in America and not from whoever sells wood the cheapest. Furniture Traditions’ bedroom furniture is “bench made”, which means an individual craftsman works on each piece. With his signature on every piece he makes, he takes pride in making something extraordinary. The combination of quality materials and superior construction methods come together to create an heirloom piece that will last for generations and is backed with Furniture Traditions’ famous American Heirloom Warranty.

The Adjustable Bed Drawer Pedestal #635 by Furniture Traditions does not include the adjustable bed base and mattress.

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adminCan I use my adjustable bed with a drawer pedestal?

Sleigh Bed Built American Tough

by admin on 2016-01-27


sleigh bed

Classic Sleigh Bed in Alder Hardwood.

Furniture Traditions’ sleigh bed is built American tough with superior construction ensuring that the bed won’t wobble. There’s no skimping by NOT curving the center panels. Where most sleigh beds on the market have a curved post and a flat panel, Furniture Traditions’ sleigh beds are uniquely steam-bent into shape. Both the legs AND the center panels of our sleigh bed are gracefully curved. Made in America at Furniture Traditions, the Classic Sleigh Bed truly is a combination of strength and beauty—a sleigh bed built American tough. Also available as a headboard only, and in oak and alder hardwoods.

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adminSleigh Bed Built American Tough

Safe Chest Doubles as Armoire or Entertainment Chest

by admin on 2016-01-12


Furniture Traditions’ Safe Chest features a fingerprint activated safe to protect your valuables, without having to remember a combination. Holds up to a 37″ TV. Equipped with 2 electrical outlets and a coaxial cable, for those who wish to conceal their TV. Two pull-out clothes rods, concealed in the top moulding, cedar-lined backing and full extension drawers. Available in oak and Alder Safe Chest hardwoods.

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adminSafe Chest Doubles as Armoire or Entertainment Chest

Panel Beds with Solid Wood Raised Panels are Much Stronger

by admin on 2013-08-15
Panel Beds made in America

American Heritage Panel Bed shown in alder hardwood.

There are generally 2 ways to make panel beds. The cheaper of the two is the “picture frame” method, which is basically a wooden border around a thin piece of particle board or plywood paneling.

At Furniture Traditions, we choose to use the solid wood, raised panel method. While this method is more expensive, the solid wood raised panels are much stronger and last a lot longer.

The raised panels give a strong beauty to a panel bed, that thin pieces of flat paneling just can’t. We use the same manufacturing techniques that our founding fathers used, when crafting high quality furniture made in America. More Photos and More about Panel Beds…

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adminPanel Beds with Solid Wood Raised Panels are Much Stronger

This Versatile Bedroom Chest is a Safe Chest

by admin on 2013-08-13

Safe Chest in the bedroom

The biggest attraction to Furniture Tradition’s aptly named Safe Chest is the fingerprint activated safe. In the case of nighttime emergency, having the safe in the bedroom makes sense. People love that they don’t have to remember a combination to open it. No fumbling around in the dark trying to push buttons or remember combinations in an emergency. Your weapons and valuables are secured and family members are protected from accidents. With 2 electrical outlets & a coaxial cable mounted at the back of the chest, this versatile chest can be used to hold up to a 37″ TV. Also featured are 2 concealed pull-out rods for hanging clothes. More photos and more about the Safe Chest

Safe Chest detail

The versatile Safe Chest

The versatile Safe Chest by Furniture Traditions.

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adminThis Versatile Bedroom Chest is a Safe Chest