Furniture Maker Found by Signature Mark

by Terry on 2012-11-07
 Metal Label identifies all furniture crafted by Furniture Traditions

A distinctive metal label identifies furniture crafted by Furniture Traditions.

My husband and I purchased a Master-piece Pier Group unit about 18 years ago. We absolutely love it. It still looks brand new and is in great condition because of its quality and work put into it. The doors, drawers and knobs are still functioning as the did when we purchased it. It’s a piece you will never get tired of looking at. Eighteen years later, we are under construction and I was looking for something similar in a king size and panicked because I couldn’t remember where I purchased my bedroom set. I then remember seeing a metal brass emblem somewhere on the unit and found the makers of the furniture. Wow, I was excited. You’ll always know where to find them with the signature label. No one makes furniture like this anymore.
Rosemary (Norwalk, CA)

Thank you, Rosemary. We are so happy you found us again!

Furniture makers have been leaving their identifying signature or mark on their finished pieces as far back as the 18th century. At Furniture Traditions, their label identifies furniture crafted by them, from design to finished product. On their earlier furniture, their label signature was burned-in or branded on the wood. Today, Furniture Traditions’ metal emblem found on all their furniture, reads “American Heirloom” over their logo with “Proudly Made in U.S.A.” underneath.

For Furniture Traditions, “Proudly Made in U.S.A.” means more than just “assembled” in America. It means their furniture is crafted by them in America with quality wood (Oak and Alder hardwood) from managed forests in America. In addition to their metal emblem, since their furniture is “bench made”, meaning an individual craftsman works on each piece, the craftsman adds his signature on each piece he makes.

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TerryFurniture Maker Found by Signature Mark

Robbery Foiled by Bedroom Furniture

by Terry on 2010-07-08
Furniture with hidden compartments

Furniture with hidden compartments.

A Furniture Traditions’ dealer in Lake Ariel, PA reported to us that one of their customers who had purchased one of our bedroom sets had been burglarized. Apparently, the robbers were not aware of the special features of our Treasures Wing Mirror and Jewelry Chest. All the booty the customer had tucked safely away in the furniture was left untouched by the robbers.

Foiled Again

As if that wasn’t enough, the robbers missed the Pedestal under the bed because the dust ruffle hid it from view. Everything in the pedestal was safe as well. Needless to say, the customer was very happy that she had chosen a Furniture Traditions bedroom collection.

The end.

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TerryRobbery Foiled by Bedroom Furniture