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Pier Bed Group is 25th Anniversary Best Seller

by admin on 2013-11-22

Pier Bed Group is best seller

Co-owners Steve Ardis and Bob Kirkeby started Furniture Traditions with a focus on crafting heirloom quality bedroom furniture and a fierce dedication to customer satisfaction. After 25 years, Furniture Traditions continues that same philosophy, proudly making quality furniture in America.

The company established itself in Orange, California with humble beginnings in Steve Ardis’ garage, where he designed and built their first bedroom set prototype. The pier bed provides maximum storage, in less floor space than a conventional bed and 2 nightstands. Dual reading lamps and secret compartments are just a few of its outstanding features.

In 2003, the optional drawer pedestal was introduced. Replacing the need for a boxspring, this pedestal has lots of storage, where there was none before. Its giant 28″ deep drawers provide more storage than the big dresser!  To date, more than 36,000 people have our drawer pedestals in their home.

After 25 years and over 50,000 sold, the Pier Group has remained enormously successful. So successful in fact, that Steve designed the Mid Wall, a child of the Pier Group and an instant superstar.

If imitation is the sincere form of flattery, then copycats have flattered them to death. What’s hard to copy is what Furniture Traditions does best with their highly experienced, skilled craftsmen—combine quality materials and superior construction methods, to create an heirloom piece that will last for generations.

More Pier Bed pictures and information.

What it Takes To Build 50,000 Pier Groups:

150,000 Sheets of ¾” Plywood
3,750,000 Screws
400,000 Drawers
250,000 Mirrors
Experienced Skilled Craftsmen

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adminPier Bed Group is 25th Anniversary Best Seller