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A TV Armoire that Doubles as a Hidden Gun Cabinet

by admin on 2010-07-13
TV Armoire Gun Cabinet

Flat Screen TV Armoire Converts to Gun Cabinet

From the outside, it has the elegant look of quality armoires from ages past. Inside, like all armoires today, the function is to hide your TV and provide storage for your bedroom. But at Furniture Traditions, innovation takes the modern armoire several steps further to create the Flat Screen TV Armoire. Of the many features, there’s one in particular that firearm owners will appreciate. Securely hidden behind the flat screen TV, the inner compartments can be converted for use as a gun cabinet. Secure in your bedroom, it looks like a traditional armoire, while unbeknownst to others, your armoire is really a gun cabinet. Check it out.

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adminA TV Armoire that Doubles as a Hidden Gun Cabinet