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Panel Beds and Panel Bed Headboards

Our goal at Furniture Traditions was to build beautiful panel beds of enduring quality, which had great a value. If our furniture didn't look amazing enough for us to love it in our own bedrooms, we didn't want to make it. If we had to build it so cheap that it had to be replaced in a few years, we didn't want to make it. Basically, we wanted to deliver gorgeous furniture that had long lasting value. That's why we're so proud of our panel beds.

If crafted well, panel beds can highlight the rich grain patterns of natural wood like no other bed... especially if you use raised panels, like our oak American Heritage Panel Bed and Newport Breeze panel bed. The raised, solid oak panels are color and grain sorted, to provide a pleasing continuity to the complete bed. While it costs more, our raised panels are "floating" to allow minor movement, which helps to reduce cracking and splitting, so your solid wood panel bed will remain beautiful longer.

About Solid Wood Raised Panel Beds

You'll notice that our panel beds are probably more expensive than other style panel beds. That's because our solid wood, panel beds are like no other in the world.

There are generally 2 ways to make panel beds. The cheaper of the two is the "picture frame" method, which is basically a wooden border around a thin piece of particle board or plywood paneling.

At Furniture Traditions, we choose to use the solid wood, raised panel method. While this method is more expensive, the solid wood raised panels are much stronger and last a lot longer.

The raised panels give a strong beauty to a panel bed, that thin pieces of flat paneling just can't. We use the same manufacturing techniques that our founding fathers used, when crafting high quality furniture.

The American Heritage Panel Bed

Gaurenteed to catch the eye, the American Heritage Panel Bed will be the center piece of your bedroom with its beautiful solid wood raised panels. Beautiful to be around, The American Heritage Panel Bed will make your bedroom a special place. Hand crafted with care, using the same high quality standards our country's founding fathers, we believe the American Heritage Panel Bed is one of the finest quality beds available on the market today.

The Newport Breeze Panel Bed

One of our best loved features of the Newport Breeze panel bed are the reading lights. Happy customers are always telling us how much they use them. They like reading a little bit before falling asleep using the one of 2 adjustable recessed lights, each with its own dimmer switch.

What makes our Newport Breeze panel beds truly unique are the dual, gentle breeze fans. Each fan has directional control and volume adjustment. No longer do you have to fight with your partner about how fast the ceiling fan should turn. With our Newport Breeze panel bed, you each can decide your own comfort levels.

Special touches include a receptacle for a fragrant drop in. Now, you can add the fragrance of your choice, to further personalize your bedroom.

Also built in to the panel bed is what has become our signature: secret compartments. On top of either the King or Queen panel headboards, at both sides, is a recessed storage compartment. Simply lift off either top, to access. Inside, the space is perfect to store your personal items, magazines, papers, DVD's, CD's, etc., without anyone realizing they are there.

The Newport Breeze panel bed is designed to accommodate the drawer pedestal. Tucked under your box-spring, the drawer pedestal gives you more storage than our 10-drawer dresser, without using any of your bedroom's space.

Panel Bed Options

Our panel beds are available in oak and alder hardwoods. Both queen size and king sizes, with some are avaiailble in full size. Also available are panel headboards and other practical features like under-bed storage pedestal drawers.

Heirloom Warranty

Check out our Heirloom Warranty. It comes with every piece that we create. That's because we build our furniture to last a lifetime. When you're comparing furniture, look at the warranties. A warranty is a reflection on how good a manufacturer thinks their products are. Does their furniture even have a warranty? Did they put their contact information on it? Provide a phone number to call? Or are their warranties just a lot of confusing, fine print?

Proudly Made in America

Furniture Traditions is proudly made in America. When you look at the back of our Furniture, you will NOT see "made in China", "made in Indonesia", "made in Vietnam", etc. We do not try to fool you by putting American names, on cheap import knock-offs. Our furniture has always been made in America and always will.

See for yourself

Our solid oak panel beds are truly innovative, stunningly beautiful, and extremely well made. Discover for yourself. Contact us for a dealer near you.