Thank You

Thank You!

We at Furniture Traditions would like to thank all of our loyal Dealers and Consumers over these past 29 years.

It has been our distinct pleasure to make such a quality product to share with all of you during this time.

We feel, as do most of you, that our Customer Service team has been second to none as well as all the great men and women who have worked for Furniture Traditions these many, many years.

As the end grew near, it was a blessing to hear so many amazing stories from all of you. You are the primary reason we loved coming to work every day! We also heard the outcry for us to stay in business producing our wonderful bedroom. We wanted you to know we heard you and are considering all possibilities to do just that.

The owners of Furniture Traditions have always been filled with civic pride and have gone above and beyond contributing to many worthwhile causes over the years. Some of these were helping families after major flooding, hurricanes and tornados. We have tried to assist those who lost everything due to tragedies such as fires.

We have also stood behind the great men and women of this country that place their lives on the line like our Police, Fire and Military…WE APPRECIATE YOUR SERVICE!

Even in the final days, the owners of Furniture Traditions donated over $70,000 worth of furniture at retail to a great organization who provides to our Veterans/Active Duty/Reservist at “NO COST”. Patriots and Paws is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Southern California. Founder/Chairman of the Board, Penny Lambright started this organization 6 years ago with her inheritance left from her father, a US Marine.  They have helped over 4,000 families to date. Find out more information at Give if you can to help this fantastic organization continue to help those who watched over us all!

Thank you again for 29 years of wonderful times. If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Thank you all for giving us 10,585 work-free days!

The End of an Era


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